TGS Gopher Bait Applicators

TGS Gopher Bait Applicators

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About Us

Our company was started after we had struggled for years trying to control gophers in our orchards and gardens. We had been using traps but with limited success. Using bait was the preferred method but getting bait down where the gopher's location was a problem. We took an old idea and after some trial and error produced an applicator that really works. Current applicators on the market rely on specific baits and conditions to function properly. This limits their use and effectiveness. A product was needed that would work using any bait and working under nearly all conditions.

We have that product!

You can depend on the TGS Gopher Bait Applicator to do the job.

What Makes Us Unique

  1. We are a one of a kind product, different and more effective than anything on today’s market.
  2. Our applicator works in hard or damp ground by using the existing gopher or rodent tunnel.
  3. With a measured capsule you know how much bait you are using and where it is placed.
  4. TGS Gopher Bait Applicator is small, light, and easy to use, with time tested durability.
  5. TGS Gopher Bait Applicator is less expensive than other applicators on today’s market.

Proven a Good Product

TGS Gopher Bait Applicator was selected one of the top ten runner ups for new products at the International World Ag Expo!

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