TGS Gopher Bait Applicators

TGS Gopher Bait Applicators

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How It Works


TGS gopher bait applicator is unique because it is able to deposit any gopher bait remotely deep into the ground by using the existing gopher tunnel. Hard or damp ground does not effect the ability of the TGS gopher bait applicator to deliver the bait to the desired location. Once the poison bait is in place, far beneath the ground surface, the control handle can then be activated to deposit the bait deep into the gopher run.

This allows the existing gopher hole opening to be COMPLETELY buried without affecting the placement of the bait or disturbing the gopher. The bait is now only accessible to the gopher. The aroma of the bait will drift throughout the gopher tunnel and attract the gopher to the bait. Once consumed the gopher dies deep in the ground out of reach of other surface animals.

There is No carcass to deal with, the gopher just disappears.

**Note: Eco-Friendly. Grain bait deposited in this matter that is not consumed by the gopher will soon become inert and begin to decompose because of the moisture in the burrow.

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